Mini Biography

Well guys I'm at it again with a request to participate this time it should be easy, most everyone likes talking about themselves so I'm giving you the chance to do it and bring your classmates up to speed on what your currently doing.

OK,  OK,    I'll go first, but first let me tell you the rules. I think we should apply the rule of "KIS" Keep It Simple.

What you submit  is not written in stone it can be added to, shortened or easily altered.

One other thing although I call it a Mini Bio you are free to make it as comprehensive as you like.

NOW what I need is for you to tell me about yourselves, your better at this than I am so come-on and participate.


Elizabeth Beth Anderson

James F. Brennan

Vincent Vinnie Ferraro

Joe  Flip Filipowicz

Antoinette Toni Sergio-Wilczewski