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We live in a time filled with too many issues demanding society's time, energy and resources.  The everyday struggle we all confront sometimes requires contact with social agencies, government bureaucracies, or a letter to the editor of our local newspaper.
    If you have an issue that you want to share, something that generally has an impact on the disabled community, we invite you to submit your thoughts.  If you have comments or observations unique to the disabled this can be your place to have a voice.  It may not be a loud one but everyone has something to contribute.  It may be a letter you may have sent to the media or an essay. Hopefully it may start an exchange of ideas and different experiences. 

If you have comments concerning these issues or would like to post letters  sent to other agencies you have contacted PLEASE take this opportunity to have them posted for the alumni's response.

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Antoinette Toni Sergio-Wilczewski

Antoinette Toni Sergio-Wilczewski       November 14, 2008